You’re gonna be POPULAR

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Patti LuPone performs in concert at 54 Below on July 21, 2014

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Get To Know Me meme

[7] movies

[1/7] Chicago (2002)

"They’d love you a lot more if you were hanged. You know why? Because it would sell more papers. That’s Chicago.”

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bettina mönch - I dreamed a dream

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Les Miserables at Dallas Theater Center (x)

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les mis au where everything the same except instead of red and black they sing “tell m more” from grease. 

who’s asking cosette though

[deep valjean voice]

tell me more

tell me more

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Angel’s appearance in the RENT Alternate Ending.

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Enjolras with golden ink tattoos that spiral out from the nape of his neck like sun rays across his back ahh I want

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